• Must start and have a functional ignition key to unlock the steering and turn the car on.
  • Vehicles must have a functional driver’s door and driver’s seat. Door must open and close.
  • The car must be clean on the inside, free of mold.
  • All four tires must be intact and not flat.
  • Car must have functioning brakes.
  • Must be free of leaks or any mechanical issues.
  • Airbags cannot be exposed or deployed. Deployed airbags must be fully cut away, and their compartment must be taped over.
  • Glass should be intact and not cracked or broken. All broken glass must be removed prior to delivery.
  • Vehicles cannot be loaded with any additional cargo


The following can be received as preannounced non-runner:

  • Accessible battery access.
  • Unit has brakes and steering.
  • Unit can be pushed or towed in neutral.
  • Unit must have a key.
  • Exposed parts.
  • Units with no gas.
  • Cosmetic damage units


  • If battery and cable connections are not visible and accessible to disconnect
  • If battery is damaged.
  • Unit with front/rear end damage greater than cosmetic damage. If there appears to be any sort of damage to the following:
    • Damaged radiator.
    • Damaged engine or parts inside the engine.
    • Damage to the side over by the fuel tank.
    • Cut wires.
    • Damage to the steel frame housing the engine block.
    • Hood not being secured (Hoods should properly latch)
  • Unit that are producing any sort of engine smoke.
  • Unit with no key.
  • Unit with no brakes or questionable brakes.
  • Unit with no steering.
  • Unit with broken axles.
  • Unit with broken glass anywhere inside the vehicle or window frame.
  • Unit with broken or shattered glass which hinders a driver’s visibility, or which presents a safety issue.
  • Translucent or semi-transparent plastic wrap which hinders the driver’s visibility • Unit with exposed moving parts.
  • Unit with moving parts rubbing against each other creating friction.
  • Unit with body parts falling off.
  • Vehicles with deployed airbags still inside the vehicle.
  • Unit which are unsanitary inside that contain blood, other human fluid, mold, or any other biohazard.
  • Unit where driver door can’t be opened from both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Unit with structural damage.
  • Unit rooftop crushed in. Need to have ample space for driver to sit safely inside.
  • Driver seat not fully intact/secured and not allowing driver to sit safely inside seat behind the steering wheel.

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